Focus Groups

IPOC Hosts Monthly Online Focus Groups

They are free, open to anyone and you can join to at any time. No on-going commitment is required. All groups meet through the video conferencing application Zoom.

  • STARK: A Learning Group About Sexuality and Relationships

ipoc heart block

STARK is a place for deeply exploring the complex patterns of human sexuality and intimate relationships. The group features trainings and presentations by professionals across a wide range of disciplines. We bring an open, curious and compassionate attitude towards understanding the truth of human experiences. We learn from each other, share our perspectives, analyze video footage of different modalities in action and facilitate works in present time. For a full calendar of upcoming STARK meetings, click HERE.


  • White People Working on Racism

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White People Working On Racism is an open forum that provides a space for white people to dig in and honestly speak about racism with each other. It is an opportunity to share about moments when you have been biased, prejudiced or even racist in your life while being seen and supported in your humanity. How did those moments impact you? How did it make you feel? What were some of your struggles, insights, learnings? If you were aware or if you were made aware, how did those moments impact the people of color and/or the larger field you were part of?

For more about the group and for a full calendar of events, click HERE.

  • What Is Spiritual Rank and How Do We Use It?

ipoc spirit blocks1. What is spirituality?

2. What is spiritual rank?

3. What is the difference between psychological and spiritual rank?

4. When is spiritual rank used with awareness?
5. When is spiritual rank used without awareness?
Spiritual rank is a complex phenomenon. What is it, anyway? We will be exploring the following questions with discussion and activities to our deepen our awareness of spiritual rank. All are welcome to attend. Together we can learn and grow from the wealth of our collective wisdom. See our meeting schedule HERE.


Contact us for more information, or to host your own focus group within the IPOC suite.